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Adrianne and Oliver

29 November 22

The Adrianne And Oliver game drops you into the romantic lives of this married couple. The wife is vaguely unsatisfied with her loving husband and dull life. She craves erotic adventure! Your job is to guide her through a complex set of sexual bad decisions and tempting and complicated sensual opportunities.

(C82) Moshimo Teki na Are (Fairy Tail) [English]

29 November 22

This short story, like many others hentai parodies, will focus on fucking but will also be romantic. It will feature touching and kissing before the main action and some flirting and teasing. Fans of the "Fairy Tail" series will be pleased to learn that the principal characters of the tale are Erza Scarlett and Jellal Fernandez.

Paramours Smooch [Nikuman Aikou Kai]

29 November 22

The parody manga is an old short hentai parody manga that focuses on two characters from the anime's popular series that have sex together. This comic will focus on the popular anime show "Detective Conan" and the characters who finally find natural romance include not less than Ran Mouri and Shinichi Kudo.

Avatar: The last Jizzbender Book XXX. Chapter 1: Prologue [palcomix]

29 November 22

Although this is just the beginning of a story, it will provide all you can expect from a comic parody based on "Avatar The Last Airbender". It is... beautiful and romantic sex in the relationship between Aang and Katara! Other main characters may also be in the scene, but you can find the chapters on our site.


29 November 22

Busty Rangiku Matsumoto's body curves can be seen through her kimonoin any manga or anime series. So you can see how far her sexuality will go in the form hentai parody comics. You will also find a part-comic and part-romantic story about Rangiku's attempt to get her love's attention, if you don't mind watching some anime sluts get fucked.


29 November 22

There's more to "Yu Gi Oh", than magic battles and playing cards. We can't possibly show them all in one go, but this parody comics about Kira is perfect for you. It will focus on Jack's relationship with Kira and reveal both the romantic, humorous, and erotic side of them.

[Nenone-ya (Nenone Miya)] Taion (Fullmetal Alchemist) [English]

29 November 22

This hentai parody will make you feel better if you felt the absence of romance or sex while reading the "Fullmetal Alchemist" storyline".

The First Summer

29 November 22

For now, farewell travels and fighting with monsters will be left behind so Link and Zelda can have some alone time. They will be together the entire summer, and this will not only fuel their romantic relationships but also lead them to the proper point in their relationship's development.

The Very first Summer

29 November 22

Porn comic based upon The Legend of Zelda. You will then see how Link sets out to rescue another princess trapped in a tower of monsters. This time, Link won't waste his time with trifles, and he will get his reward immediately. This is sexual revenge. The comic contains violence against monstersas well as a sexy fuckfest. Enjoy.

Mio [Imperial Chicken] [Neon Genesis Evangelion]

29 November 22

Rei Ayanami Shinji Ikari and Shinji Ikari share a bed as they prepare for a romantic act. However, this idyllic picture will be abruptly disrupted by Asuka Langleywho will kick furiously to open the door to their bedroom. She won't be the only one. You will learn more about the events by reading this parody comic hentai!

TECHNICAL S.S. 1 2nd Impression [System Speculation] [NGE]

29 November 22

A cute redhead sporting perky tits makes her clothes look more seductive. There's only one method to get along with her: sexual arousal! No matter how much Shinji Ikari tries to combat this feeling, it will not be broken. Asuka Langley needs to be prepared for what's coming tonight!

Ayanami Shiro

29 November 22

Shinji Ikari knows exactly who to ask if he wants to have sex with. This person is Rei Ayanami. He can literally get under her skirts and into her pants with a few romantic words. And of course, the tension between them will increase until they finally have sex! What do Asuka Langley have to comment on this?


29 November 22

Even if you don't like "Avatar The Legend of Korra", you probably know that the main heroine Korra, from the animated series, is more interested in girls than you might believe. What if she is just naive and has never been with a man like him before? Mako has the exact question, and tonighthe will make a move against Korra.

[Wareme (Koppe)] Shishi Ane (Akame ga Kill!) [Russian]

30 November 22

Very sweet! The chick falls into the trap of a very dangerous plant, and it is only when a brave hero arrives that she saves her from a terrible fate. A gal will do anything to help her saviour in a situation such as this. And since this comics is a Hentai Praody, the reward won't come in coins.


30 November 22

Although it is difficult to tell because all of the text in this comics is written in japanese, the story opens in a romantic way. Two characters of "Sword Art Online", a series about sword art online lovers, are falling in love and holding hands. But since this is a parody of hentai, the sex scenes will be the primary focus. The fucking will be even more amazing!

I love Laura

30 November 22

Damn interactive and fascinating 3D flash games with jummy and full-bosomed allure. A brand fresh tempting and exciting romantic journey in an eclectic arrangement extends to you a more"Fire ". The events of this narrative can crop in a very tied town. You may play connected young guy who really enjoys his gf Laura, their view to fact appears to be getting to whip out a flicker. To induce him our hero can need to be forced to realize a method to induce Laura intrigued by meeting him , and here's a touch! Now explore the regions of the city and gather all of the necessary and helpful items which will empower our hero require his life into a completely fresh degree! So let's not squander time, and then start the joy straight away.