Late show with David Fuckerman

Charlie - yourblonde from hentai parody games - is back on teh screens. This time she'llbecome the guest of David Fuckerman at his lateShow! At some points of the game you can decide where the show will go. You cango to advertisementsor testbehind the scenes footages! But no matter what you maychoose to watch you understandthat you will get a whole great dealof comedyand humoroussituations and a great dealof sex episode together withCharlie - she'sbeen encouragedto make tonight's show really exciting in the first location! Some spectaclewill soon be interactive - so don't put your hands awaytoo far inyourmouse (well, at least one). But in caseyou have no idea on what TV show this parody is you can appreciate hot sex scenes with busty blond- just give Charlie her chance!

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Sex Kitten: Insane Asylum

Well, being Slutty McSluts boyfriend is not a simple tusk - no wonder your character ended up within madhouse! When our hero decides that his troubles are left behind issues knocking at his door once again! The sort of torubles which will take him crazy asylum as individual! After some time you will be given a chance to proove that you aren't as crazy. At least not crazy to keep you wearing the strap jackets or lock your door. This where your jorney through the madhouse will start. Explore the places, visit other patients, meet new allies. Some of them will provide you helpful information. Or any usefull item. Or hentai movie. Or can leve you with fewer health than before you meet them in case you are going to say or do something wrong. Quite a job this moment - to get living from asylum!

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