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Castellum Res Venereae 2

17 June 18

This is one of those games that gameplay is more imprtant than the story. Or developers has spend all of their time on creating the traps and castle dungeon space rooms and just have no time for the story who knows? Anyway the main idea of the game is that a hot looking nymph has to find the way out of castke basement. And not just find the way - she will have to run away the differnt traps all on her way! But think again before scaping these traps because each time the nymph is caught she will get fucked on or another way and you will see it in colorful animated scene! This is the second area of the game which comes with new levels and new challenges. To be mor eprcisely you will see 122 scenes from previous part and 12 new hookup scenes. In other words - in this game you will be rewarded even if your character will get into trap!

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